VodafoneOM(OMAN) internet Packages

Vodafone is a International mobile network company Recently he working in oman and provide best call, sms & Internet package. In this article you can find best Internet packages from VodafoneOM. This time you can get Internet package with only Vodafone mobile application also available for android and iOS.

Download and install on this application from iOS App Store and Google play store. After installing you can make a Vodafone account. No we can get the Internet package from this application my payment with your bankcard. There is some Packages details.

You can find more information With click on Manage plan option.

1st Vodafone Internet package is a “Vodafone Red Advance” For a 4 week with 4 OMR. In this package Vodafone offer 5GB data and 150 calling minutes .

2nd Vodafone offer Package with the name of “Vodafone Red Elite” In this package Vodafone after 20 GB local data unlimited call and SMS and 10 GB Social pass. This Package cost Is 12 OMR. And also provide 5GB entertainment pass and 60 international minute.

The 3rd and last Vodafone is “Vodafone Red Premium” In this package Vodafone after 10GB local data 5GB Social pass And 300 calling minutes. This package cost is 8 OMR.

Thank you for reading this article about Vodafone 0M packages.

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