Gold price in oman per tola

Gold price in oman per tola
Gold price in oman per tola

This is the last and market price in oman. Also you can find gold price in oman per tola so this is the table where you can get gold rate in details.

Gold units Gold Price in Omani RialQuantity
9K Gold8.61 OMR Per 1 Gram
10K Gold9.57 OMR Per 1 Gram
12K Gold11.48 OMR Per 1 Gram
14K Gold13.39 OMR Per 1 Gram
18K Gold17.22 OMR Per 1 Gram
22K Gold21.05 OMR Per 1 Gram
23K Gold22.0 OMR Per 1 Gram
24K Gold22.95 OMR Per 1 Gram
Gold price in oman per grams

Disclaimer: This graph is helping for you if you find gold price in oman. This is no accurate price all time do you know market price up & down every day.

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